Class of 2019

Preparing For Your Senior Portrait Session

At California Classics, we understand that you want a great senior portrait and variety of portrait styles to choose from. While mom and dad really like to display formal poses, grandparents may want a cap and gown photo, while you may desire an image that captures more of your personality with outdoor casual, lettermen or prop portrait. You’ll always have a wide variety of session options to choose from, at a reasonable price to meet your senior portrait needs.

For the Ladies


Tips for Ladies: If you choose to wear makeup, keep it very light, natural-looking and fresh. Portrait retouching on your final order will eliminate small blemishes. Don’t try something new for your portrait session. Plan to wear your hair in a style you are comfortable with or natural to your everyday life. Bring a hair brush. Limit sun exposure prior to your portrait session to avoid burns or tan lines. Most importantly, get a good night’s sleep.

For the Guys


Tips for Guys: Important! Shave right before your session and get a haircut approximately one week prior to your appointment. Style your hair before and bring a comb or brush for touch-ups if necessary. Limit sun exposure prior to your portrait and of course get a good night’s sleep.